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Bikes and Skis

Learn About Skyline’s Bike, Ski and Snowboard Policy

Bike Policy

Most Skyline buses have the ability to carry a minimum of 3 bikes on their outside bike rack. Bikes are not allowed inside the bus.

Racks are on a first-come, first-served basis. Riders with bikes should not expect that they will be able to get their bike on the bus at all times during the day. Groups of riders should especially be aware of this situation.

The racks are easy to use and are designed for riders to load bikes independently. Assistance is available if needed.

**We are currently reviewing our bike policy and will announce any changes prior to the 2023 Summer Season, please check this page for updates.

Ski and Snowboard Policy

Skyline buses do not have outside ski racks. Skis and snowboards may be carried on the bus, but must be kept out of the aisles, aisles must be clear at all times.

All riders must be seated and seating is first come, first serve. Due to demand, seats may not be available on all routes.