Skyline Routes & Schedules

Summer Schedule
Plan your trip with the help of Skyline. Below are the operating schedules for the summer season. Seating is first come, first serve and due to demand, seats may not be available on all routes.

Select from the Yellow Line, Orange Line, Blue Line of Red Line routes.

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W = Whistle Stop, the bus will not stop at whistle stops unless requested by a passenger who is already on the bus.

DR = Demand Response Stop – Call 406-995-6287 one hour before to request a pickup. The phone is answered from 7am to 6pm. For the evening service, please call before 4pm.

Times shown are departure times (unless noted as arrive). Buses will not leave earlier than scheduled times.

Yellow Line buses provide local Big Sky service between the mountain and the canyon. Buses operate 7 days-a-week during the summer schedule. Times shown are departure times.

YELLOW LINE – Canyon up to Mountain – Morning

Corral/Rainbow Ranch---------8:05 a---9:05 a10:05 a---11:05 a
Gallatin RiverHouse Grill---------w---ww---w
Ophir School /Jake's Horses/Ramshorn---------w---ww---w
Buck's T-4---7:00 a7:45 a8:12 a---9:12 a10:12 a---11:12 a
Canyon Adventures---------dr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/w
Whitewater Inn6:05 a7:05 a7:50 a8:14 a---9:14 a10:14 a---11:14 a
Confluence (Food Bank/Big Horn Center)www8:16 a---9:16 a10:16 a---11:16 a
Meadow Village Centerw7:20 aw8:20 a---9:20 a10:20 a---11:20 a
Golden Eagle / Community Park6:15 a------8:22 a---9:22 a10:22 a---11:22 a
Big Sky Medical Center---------8:25 a---9:25 a10:25 a---11:25 a
Town Center (Roxy's)---------8:26 a---9:26 a10:26 a---11:26 a
Wilson Hotel (Town Center Ave)---------8:27 a---9:27 a10:27 a---11:27 a
Town Center (Ousel Falls Rd)w7:25 aw8:35 a9:10 a9:35 a10:35 a11:10 a11:35 a
Lone Mountain Ranch---------------w------w
Mountain Lodge / Hill Condos---7:39 a---8:49 a---9:49 a10:49 a---11:49 a
Lake Condos---7:40 a---8:50 a---9:50 a10:50 a---11:50 a
Mountain Village Center6:30 a7:42 a8:12 a8:52 a9:30 a9:52 a10:52 a11:30 a11:52 a
Lake Condos---w---w---ww---w
Mountain Lodge / Hill Condos---w---w---ww---w
Moonlight Entryway---wwdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/w
Saddle Ridge Condos---7:52 aw9:02 a---10:02 a11:02 a---12:02 p

YELLOW LINE – Canyon up to Mountain – Afternoon & Evening

Corral/Rainbow Ranch12:05 p---2:05 p---3:05 p4:05 p---5:05 p6:05 p---8:05 p10:05 p
Gallatin RiverHouse Grillw---w---3:07 p4:07 p---5:07 p6:07 p---8:07 p10:07 p
Ophir School /Jake's Horses/Ramshornw---dr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w
Buck's T-412:12 p---2:12 p---3:12 p4:12 p---5:12 p6:12 p---8:12 p10:12 p
Canyon Adventuresdr/w---dr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w
Whitewater Inn12:14 p---2:14 p---3:14 p4:14 p---5:14 p6:14 p---8:14 p10:14 p
Confluence (Food Bank/Big Horn Center)12:16 p---2:16 p---3:16 p4:16 p---5:16 p6:16 p---8:16 p10:16 p
Meadow Village Center12:20 p---2:20 p---3:20 p4:20 p---5:20 p6:20 p---8:20 p10:20 p
Golden Eagle / Community Park12:22 p---2:22 p---------------w---ww
Big Sky Medical Center12:25 p---2:25 p---3:25 p4:25 p---5:25 p6:25 p---8:25 p10:25 p
Town Center (Roxy's)12:26 p---2:26 p---3:26 p4:26 p---5:26 p6:26 p---8:26 p10:26 p
Wilson Hotel (Town Center Ave)12:27 p---2:27 p---3:27 p4:27 p---5:27 p6:27 p---8:27 p10:27 p
Town Center (Ousel Falls Rd)12:35 p1:10 p2:35 p3:10 p3:35 p4:35 p5:10 p5:35 p6:35 p7:10 p8:35 p10:35 p
Lone Mountain Ranchw---w------w---w------ww
Mountain Lodge / Hill Condos12:49 p---2:49 p---3:49 p4:49 p---5:49 p6:49 p---8:49 p10:49 p
Lake Condos12:50 p---2:50 p---3:50 p4:50 p---5:50 p6:50 p---8:50 p10:50 p
Mountain Village Center12:52 p1:30 p2:52 p3:30 p3:52 p4:52 p5:30 p5:52 p6:52 p7:30 p8:52 p10:52 p
Lake Condosw---w---ww---ww---ww
Mountain Lodge / Hill Condosw---w---ww---ww---ww
Moonlight Entrywaydr/w---dr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w
Saddle Ridge Condos1:02 p---3:02 p---4:02 p5:02 p---6:02 p7:02 p---9:02 p11:02 p

Main Route Map

Orange Line buses provide local Big Sky service between the mountain and the canyon. Buses operate 7 days-a-week during the summer schedule. Times shown are departure times.

ORANGE LINE – Mountain down to Canyon – Morning

Saddle Ridge Condos---8:05 a---9:05 a---10:05 a11:05 a---
Moonlight Entryway---dr/w---dr/w---dr/wdr/w---
Mountain Lodge/Hill Condos---8:12 a---9:12 a---10:12 a11:12 a---
Lake Condos---8:13 a---9:13 a---10:13 a11:13 a---
Mountain Village Center---8:15 a---9:15 a9:35 a10:15 a11:15 a11:35 a
Lone Mountain Ranch---------9:25 a------11:25 a---
Town Center (Ousel Falls Road)---8:39 a---9:39 a9:55 a10:39 a11:39 a11:55 a
Wilson Hotel (Town Center Ave)---8:40 a---9:40 a---10:40 a11:40 a---
Town Center (Roxy's)---w---w---10:41 a11:41 a---
Big Sky Medical Center---w---w---10:42 a11:42 a---
Meadow Village Center---8:44 a---9:44 a---10:44 a11:44 a---
Golden Eagle/Community Park---------------ww---
Big Sky Medical Center---8:46 a---9:46 a---10:46 a11:46 a---
Town Center (Roxy's)---8:46 a---9:46 a---10:46 a11:46 a---
Whitewater Inn---w---9:52 a---w11:52 a---
Canyon Adventures---dr/w---dr/w---dr/wdr/w---
Buck's T-4---w---9:56 a---w11:56 a---
Ramshorn/Ophir School/Jake's Horses---w---w---ww---
Gallatin RiverHouse Grill---w---w---ww---
Corral/Rainbow Ranch---9:04 a---10:04 a---11:04 a12:04 p---

ORANGE LINE – Mountain down to Canyon – Afternoon & Evening

Saddle Ridge Condos12:05 p1:05 p---3:05 p---4:05 p5:05 p---6:05 p7:05 p---9:05 p11:05 p
Moonlight Entrywaydr/wdr/w---dr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w
Mountain Lodge/Hill Condos12:12 p1:12 p---3:12 p---4:12 p5:12 p---6:12 p7:12 p---9:12 p11:12 p
Lake Condos12:13 p1:13 p---3:13 p---4:13 p5:13 p---6:13 p7:13 p---9:13 p11:13 p
Mountain Village Center12:15 p1:15 p1:35 p3:15 p3:35 p4:15 p5:15 p5:35 p6:15 p7:15 p7:35 p9:15 p11:15 p
Lone Mountain Ranch---------3:25 p------5:25 p------------9:25 p---
Town Center (Ousel Falls Road)12:39 p1:39 p2:39 p3:39 p3:55 p4:39 p5:39 p5:55 p6:39 p7:39 p7:55 p9:39 p11:39 p
Wilson Hotel (Town Center Ave)12:40 p1:40 p2:40 p3:40 p---4:40 p5:40 p---6:40 p7:40 p---9:40 p11:40 p
Town Center (Roxy's)12:41 p1:41 p2:41 p3:41 p---4:41 pw---w7:41 p---9:41 p11:41 p
Big Sky Medical Center12:42 p1:42 p2:42 p3:42 p---4:42 pw---w7:42 p---9:42 p11:42 p
Meadow Village Center12:44 p1:44 p2:44 p3:44 p---4:44 p5:44 p---6:44 p7:44 p---9:44 p11:44 p
Golden Eagle/Community Park---www---ww------w---ww
Big Sky Medical Center---1:46 p2:46 p3:46 p---4:46 p5:46 p---6:46 p7:46 p---9:46 p11:46 p
Town Center (Roxy's)---1:46 p2:46 p3:46 p---4:46 p5:46 p---6:46 p7:46 p---9:46 p11:46 p
Whitewater Inn---1:52 p2:52 p3:52 p---4:52 pw---ww---ww
Canyon Adventures---dr/wdr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w---dr/wdr/w
Buck's T-4---1:56 p2:56 p3:56 p---4:56 p5:56 p---w7:56 p---9:56 pw
Ramshorn/Ophir School/Jake's Horses---www---ww---- -w---w- -
Gallatin RiverHouse Grill---www---ww---- -w---w- -
Corral/Rainbow Ranch---2:04 p3:04 p4:04 p---5:04 p6:04 p---- -8:04 p---10:04 p- -

Main Route Map

Blue Line buses provide local Big Sky service between the Town Center and Montage at Spanish Peaks Resort. Buses operate 7 days-a-week during the summer schedule. Times shown are departure times.

BLUE LINE – Town Center

Town Center - Ousel Falls Road (Depart)7:35a8:35 a10:05 a10:35 a12:05 p12:35 p2:05 p2:35 p4:05 p4:35 p6:35 p8:35 p10:35 p
Firelight - Condos---wwwwwwwwwwww
Firelight - Chalets---wwwwwwwwwwww
Ousel Falls Trailhead---w---w---w---w---wwww
Montage at Spanish Peaks Resort7:50 a8:50 a---10:50 a---12:50 p---2:50p---4:50 p6:50 p8:50 p10:50 p
Ousel Falls Trailhead8:00 a9:00 a10:15 a11:00 a12:15 p1:00 p2:15 p3:00 p4:15 p5:00 p7:00 p9:00 p--
Firelight - Chalets8:02 a9:02 a10:17 a11:02 a12:17 p1:02 p2:17 p3:02 p4:17 p5:02 p7:02 p9:02 p--
Firelight - Condos8:05 a9:05 a10:20 a11:05 a12:20 p1:05 p2:20 p3:05 p4:20 p5:05 p7:05 p9:05 p--
Town Center - Ousel Falls Road (Arrive)8:09 a9:09a10:24 a11:09 a12:24 p1:09 p2:24 p3:09 p4:24 p5:09 p7:09 p9:09 p11:05 p

Main Route Map

Red Line buses run between Bozeman and Big Sky. Buses operate 7 days-a-week during the summer schedule. Bus passes are required for the Red Line. Times shown are departure times.

RED LINE – Bozeman to Big Sky

Walmart - Depart5:00 a6:00 a6:30 a7:00 a1:00 p3:00 p4:00 p
MSU (Roskie Hall)---------7:15 a1:15 p3:15 p4:15 p
Cardinal Distributing (Four Corners)5:20 a6:20 a7:05 a7:35 a1:35 p3:35 p4:35 p
Gallatin Gateway Inn (GGI)5:35 a6:35 a7:20 a7:50 a1:50 p3:50 p4:50 p
Buck's T-4---7:00 a7:45 a------------
Whitewater Inn6:05 a7:05 a7:50 a------------
Confluence (Food Bank/Big Horn Center)wwwwwww
Meadow Village Centerw7:20 aw8:30 aw4:30 pw
Town Center (Ousel Falls Rd)w7:25 aw8:35 a2:35 p4:35 p5:35 p
Mountain Lodge / Hill Condos---7:39 a---8:49 a2:49 p4:49 p5:49 p
Lake Condos---7:40 a---8:50 a2:50 p4:50 p5:50 p
Mountain Village Center6:30 a7:42 a8:12 a8:52 a2:52 p4:52 p5:52 p
Moonlight Entryway---wwdr/wwdr/wdr/w
Saddle Ridge Condos---7:52 aw9:02 a3:02 p5:02 p6:02 p

RED LINE – Big Sky to Bozeman

Saddle Ridge Condos8:05 a9:05 a3:05 p5:05 p7:05 p11:05 p
Moonlight Entrywaydr/wdr/wdr/wdr/wdr/wdr/w
Mountain Lodge / Hill Condos8:12 a9:12 a3:12 p5:12 p7:12 p11:12 p
Lake Condos8:13 a9:13 a3:13 p5:13 p7:13 p11:13 p
Mountain Village Center8:15 a9:15 a3:15 p5:15 p7:15 p11:15 p
Town Center (Ousel Falls Rd)8:39 a9:39 a3:39 p5:39 p7:39 p11:39 p
Meadow Village Center8:44 a9:44 a3:44 p5:44 p7:44 p11:44 p
Big Sky Medical Center8:46 a9:46 a3:46 p5:46 p7:46 p11:46 p
Town Center (Roxy's)8:46 a9:46 a3:46 p5:46 p7:46 p11:46 p
Whitewater Inn/Buck's T-4---------------w
Gallatin Gateway Inn (GGI)9:20 a10:20 a4:20 p6:20 p8:20 pw 12:20 a
Cardinal Distributing (Four Corners)w 9:35 aw 10:35 aw 4:35 pw 6:35 pw 8:35 pw 12:35 a
MSU (Roskie Hall)w 9:55 aw 10:55 aw 4:55 pw 6:55 pw 8:55 pw 12:55 a
Walmart - Arrivew 10:10 aw 11:10 aw 5:10 pw 7:10 pw 9:10 pw 1:10 a

Main Route Map