Reading the Time Tables
The major stops for each route are listed on the left side of the schedule. Reading from the top of the list down, find the main stop closest to you. Follow the row from left to right to determine the time the next bus will be at that particular stop. Clocks may differ, please allow extra time for travel to your stop and arrive five minutes prior to the times noted. Buses will not leave earlier than the scheduled times listed.

Skyline Bus Stop Sign

Whistle Stops
The buses travel on specific routes which are shown on the map. Buses stop at designated bus stops, which are signed along the route, and at “whistle stops.” Whistle stops are for dropping off passengers, the bus will only stop with a passenger request made prior to the stop.Seasons of Operation The bus runs seven days a week, except during the off-season, please refer to the schedules for exact hours of service for each route.

Exiting the Bus
The bus will stop at designated bus stops marked with a sign. If you wish to exit at a whistle stop, please inform the driver at least one stop before the whistle stop. Think safety – do not cross in front of the bus. Wait for the bus to move on before crossing the street.

Wheelchair Access
Transportation is available for persons with disabilities who are unable to use the fixed route bus system in Big Sky, and on the Link service connecting Big Sky and Bozeman. For service within Big Sky, please contact Skyline at 406.995.6287 by 4:00 pm the day prior to service (the day before needing a ride). To request an accessible bus on the Link (connecting Big Sky and Bozeman) please call at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance (prior to when you need a ride) to make arrangements for a wheelchair accessible bus.

A copy of the Big Sky Transportation District’s ADA Complementary Paratransit Service Policies & Procedures can be obtained by calling 406-995-6287 or by e-mail:

Bikes/Skis on the Bus
The buses are equipped with bike and ski racks so passengers can take their bikes or skis with them. The racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The racks are easy to use and are designed for riders to load and unload bikes and skis independently. Assistance is available.

Weather Conditions
Due to weather conditions, the bus system may not operate. If for any reason the bus system will not operate, every attempt will be made to inform the public.

Buying Bus Passes

Skyline charges a fare on the Link between Bozeman and Big Sky. Local Skyline service within Big Sky is zero-fare. Visit our Bus Passes page for more information.

Seasons of Operation

The bus runs seven days a week, except during the off-season when it runs Mon-Fri. Please refer to the SCHEDULES for exact hours of service for each season and route.


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