BSTD Boundary Expansion

Big Sky Transportation District Urges Residents to Vote “Yes”
Community Organization seeks to expand the boundaries of the Transportation District

Big Sky, Montana — On Tuesday, May 4, residents of Big Sky will be asked to vote on whether to expand the boundaries of the Big Sky Transportation District (BSTD) to match those of the Big Sky Resort Area District.

The Transportation District was formed (boundaries set) in 1991.  Many of the currently existing neighborhoods and clubs/resorts did not exist at that time.  Expanding the boundaries of the Transportation District will better reflect its current service area, which include the Skyline transportation system, an imperative resource for many community members.

“As our community grows and areas expand, we will need to address issues that reflect the current growth,” says Ennion Williams, Transportation District Board Chair. For example, parts of Big Sky’s Town Center are currently not in the Transportation District, and that needs to change as the community changes.”

While BSTD operates services outside of the district’s boundary lines (which is allowed), it makes sense to have the Transportation District match the boundaries of the Resort Tax District.  “The expansion of the District does not necessarily mean that the service will be expanding to all of these areas, it is more of a ‘housekeeping process’ for Big Sky, so that all the districts are in alignment,” Williams noted.

The Big Sky Resort Area District is the largest source of local funds for the Transportation District. Therefore, it makes sense that these two districts have the same boundaries. The largest overall source of funds for the Transportation District is federal funding that comes through the Montana Department of Transportation.

A “Yes” vote on the May 4th ballot will only mean aligning the boundary of the Transportation District to match those of the Resort Area District. It will not have any financial impact on the Big Sky community, as the Transportation District does not levy any property or other taxes.

“We are hopeful that Big Sky residents will support the current needs of the Transportation District on May 4th,” David Kack, BSTD Coordinator noted, “so that we can better reflect the continuing growth in the Big Sky community as a whole.”

Contact: David Kack, Big Sky Transportation District Coordinator


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