BSTD is Hiring a General Manager


As General Manager for the Big Sky Transportation District, you will help manage the Skyline public transportation (transit) system that operates in Big Sky, and between Big Sky and Bozeman. You will work with the District’s Board, Coordinator and the Contractor to ensure the safe, efficient and effective provision of Skyline’s services in the area.

Specific tasks are as follows:

BIG SKY PUBLIC RELATIONS (approximately 31% of workload)

  • Establish relationships to be leveraged for the good Skyline. Work with resort partners on service schedules for all segments of the business. Create and maintain key essential phone numbers complete with maps concerning key contacts (snowplowing, owners associations, etc…) 16%
  • Manage customer calls and report back on customer complaints for Skyline. 11%
  • Keep management apprised of event happenings and attend special events. 4%

DRIVING AND MANAGING (31% of workload)

  • Drives during the shoulder and summer seasons. Drive as necessary (primarily during emergency situations) during the winter season. 14%
  • Train Contractor drivers on Skyline Routes. 9%
  • Provide ongoing coaching (direction and support) to drivers in ways that consistently improve performance. Makes sure drivers are being effectively managed on a daily basis to maximize productivity and morale. 8%

COORDINATION (38% of workload)

  • Effectively manage, coordinate, and optimize resources to ensure smooth operations that satisfy the needs of all stakeholder groups (customers, drives, DOT, etc.). 16%
  • Ensure accurate and timely ridership reports each month with key analysis as to how routes are performing. 10%
  • Perform administrative functions such as picking up the mail, making sure tally sheets are turned in, filing documents, and ensuring adequate levels of office and mechanical supplies. 7%
  • Maintain bus shelters. Clean and remove snow when necessary, and/or coordinate someone to do so. 5%

Must be willing to live and work in Big Sky, Montana, have a Commercial Driver’s License and current CDL Physical, and be qualified to drive all vehicles owned and operated by the Big Sky Transportation District.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $65,000.00 per year depending upon experience and qualifications.

For questions about the position, or to send a cover letter and resume, email

Download a Copy of the General Manager Position Description

Buying Bus Passes

Skyline charges a fare on the Link between Bozeman and Big Sky. Visit our Bus Passes page for more information on the fee and where to buy your pass.

Seasons of Operation

The bus runs seven days a week, except during the off-season when it runs Mon-Fri. Please refer to the SCHEDULES for exact hours of service for each season and route.


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