A Note About Bikes on the Bus

Most buses have the ability to carry 6 to 8 bikes, some up to 10.

Racks are on a first-come, first-served basis. Riders with bikes should not expect that they will be able to get their
bike on the bus at all times during the day. Groups of riders should especially be aware of this situation.

The racks are easy to use and are designed for riders to load bikes independently. Assistance is available if needed.

Buying Bus Passes

Skyline charges a fare on the Link between Bozeman and Big Sky. Local Skyline service within Big Sky is zero-fare. Visit our Bus Passes page for more information.

Seasons of Operation

The bus runs seven days a week, except during the off-season when it runs Mon-Fri. Please refer to the SCHEDULES for exact hours of service for each season and route.


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